Introducing the Decon Stick

At Safety Lab Plus we are always thinking about making our processes simpler and more effective. The Decon Stick was designed to facilitate the way samples are taken and tested in our laboratory that anyone can use.

1. The Decon Stick

The Decon Stick measures about 3 inches long and comes with a sample disk

2. Hold the Decon Stick

When holding the Decon Stick be careful about not touching the disk

3. Rub It in Any Surface

Use the Decon Stick by rubbing it against the surface you want to test for hazardous particles

4. Obtain Hazardous Materials On The Disk

The disc is made of a mesh material which captures any particles of most surfaces.

5. Put It Inside The Bag Provided

We provide a sample bag so you can drop the stick in to preserve the particles in it while you send it to us.

6. We Receive it and Test it

Send it to out Labs and we will test the disc for any hazardous materials.

Decon / Ambient analysis Decon / Chemical analysis
Oxygen (%) Acrolein
Carbon Dioxide (ppm) Benzene
Carbon Monoxide (ppm) Formaldehyde
THC as Methane (ppm) Glutaraldehyde
VOC as Non-methane Equivalent (ppm) VOC's
Nitrous Oxide (ppm) PAH
Nitrogen Dioxide (ppm) Styrene
Nitric Oxide (ppm) Toluene
Sulfur Dioxide (ppm) Asbestos
*Unknowns *Unkowns
Odor Odor

* Is searched against SLP's extensive database of hazardous materials for multi components.  50,000+